Adista Group announces the acquisition of Cyberprotect
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Adista Group announces the acquisition of Cyberprotect

Communiqué du 06/09/2022

The leading alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France, Adista Group announces the acquisition of Cyberprotect. Cyberprotect is a universal cybersecurity operator and an expert in continuous monitoring and prevention services. Cyberprotect’s cybersecurity operations centre – the CyberproVerse SOC – as well as its other services will add to Adista Group’s range of solutions, strengthening its positioning with a subsidiary dedicated to cybersecurity and specialised in SME and mid-cap clients. Cyberprotect’s solutions will be marketed directly by Adista and Waycom and indirectly by unyc.

The acquisition of Cyberprotect is an integral part of Adista Group’s growth strategy. As companies accelerate their migration to the cloud, Adista offers rare added value by achieving the convergence of cloud and hosting services, of telecom operations and of managed services. With the addition of the CyberproVerse SOC and its managed security services, Adista Group’s customers now benefit from a comprehensive suite of solutions dedicated to cybersecurity.

CyberproVerse is the common base for all services offered by Cyberprotect. A control and operations centre available 24 hours a day, CyberproVerse centralises all cybersecurity operations. CyberproVerse enables the permanent monitoring of information systems security by combining the collection and processing of security data (through the Blackhole solution); the monitoring, detection of threats or abnormal behaviour, the development of preventive recommendations (via Lunar); and the managed security services designed to maintain the high operational (MCO) and security (MCS) standards of cybersecurity equipment (Solar Belt).

Cyberprotect’s ongoing investment in threat detection and analysis has enabled it to create an innovative and disruptive solution, as well as provide the high value-added managed security services that companies expect, particularly SMEs, which are currently underserved. By consolidating this expertise in a new subsidiary, Adista Group will benefit from a unique environment, designed by Thierry Lambert, the founder of Cyberprotect, who will continue to support Adista in its cybersecurity strategy.

This acquisition is fully in line with Adista Group’s growth strategy, which aims to achieve revenues of €500 million by 2026, notably through its managed services and cloud offering.

“Cyberprotect will provide its full range of services to Adista Group’s prospective and existing SME, midcap and public sector clients, in addition to the Group’s hosted services solutions. At a time of increasing need for cyber protection for these organisations, this solution – which has been specially designed and scaled for them – will enable customers to secure the availability and business continuity of their information systems.”

Julien Jacquel, Deputy CEO of the Adista Group

“We are very proud to see Cyberprotect’s technical expertise recognized and chosen by the Adista Group and Keensight Capital to build the foundation of the Group’s cybersecurity services. Through this partnership, the entire Cyberprotect team will be able to contribute its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity prevention, detection, incident response and cyber risk management.”

Thierry Lambert, Founder of Cyberprotect

“Following the recent acquisition of unyc, the addition of Cyberprotect marks a new milestone in the development of Adista’s strategy. Keensight Capital is delighted to accompany the Adista Group through this acquisition.”

Stanislas de Tinguy, Partner at Keensight Capital, the Adista Group’s majority shareholder