Adista awarded the “Grand Prix Hors Secteur” for “CSR Policy” by “le Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance”
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Adista awarded the “Grand Prix Hors Secteur” for “CSR Policy” by “le Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance”

Communiqué du 23/06/2022

CSR issues are at the heart of Adista’s strategic priorities

In 2020, Adista, the number one alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France, decided to accelerate the integration of sustainable development issues and make CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) one of its priority strategic lines for the coming years. The clearly stated ambition is to become the reference alternative operator in CSR matters by 2025!

This commitment has been rewarded today with the Grand Prix Hors Secteur for “CSR Policy” at the 9th Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance, which took place on Wednesday 22 June 2022. Organised by the Leaders League Group and its Magazine Décideurs, it brings together 400 recognised company leaders and entrepreneurs in eleven business sectors around digital conferences on various development trategies.

The Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance is the annual event for companies that are references in their sectors

The Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance is the result of the union between the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance and the G20 Strategy and Management Summit, gathering together approximately one hundred recognised company leaders and entrepreneurs every year since 2013 from various sectors (agri-food and organic, e-commerce, transport and logistics, IT, health, etc.).

This year, 400 leaders and entrepreneurs discussed the drivers for growth at conferences led by 40 speakers. During the meal at Pavillon d’Armenonville (Paris XVI), the prize-giving ceremony for the eleven business sectors and three Grands Prix hors secteurs took place, rewarding Adista with the Grand Prix Hors Secteur “CSR Policy” for its strong commitment in this area. This distinction echoes the one received in the 2021 edition of the event, when Adista was named “best company” in the Digital Services sector, IT & Software Services.

We are a hosted services operator, we provide internet, telephone and wifi access and we have Datacenters. We have responsibility when it comes to the climate crisis, all the more so because we are a growth enterprise. We are trying to do our bit, at our level, by implementing initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and take care of the planet.
Arnaud Clément, CSR Director of Adista Group


CSR issues are at the heart of Adista’s strategic priorities

CSR issues are primordial for Adista. Out of the five priority strategic lines of the group for 2025, three directly involve the main CSR pillars of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and environmental commitment.

In concrete terms, several actions can be noted, such as employee awareness of environmental issues (through the Climate Fresco); co-building the CSR strategy with employees (60 employees engaged in 6 participative projects); the mobility plan (promoting soft mobility); the launch of a carbon report (scope 3 report to better understand group emissions) or the new eco-designed package offering (like Adista Cloud Recovery, the carbon-free Business Continuity Plan offer by Adista).

Its 11 French Datacenters are under a green energy contract and since 2008 an entire building at its site in Nancy is heated by the heat produced by one of them. Adista is also implementing a low carbon Datacenter powered exclusively by renewable energy that comes from methanisation, that will be certified Tier 4 (a first in Europe). The goal of this initiative is to encourage clients and partners towards a virtuous approach to using or producing digital services.

In addition to this, Adista is involved in questions relating to inclusion, having made professional equality a priority part of its HR policy for several years. Through Waycom, Adista has signed the Charte de la Diversité and implements actions intended to promote equal opportunities, for example by participating in recruitment forums for people with disabilities with the association Hello Handicap since 2017. Overall, Adista wants to become the operator employer of choice.

 For the next three years in particular, Adista wants to complete its Scope 3 Carbon Report, significantly increasing its share of reuse for its Datacenters and its clients; tending towards a fleet of vehicles that operates 100% electrically and promoting digital sobriety even more by progressively replacing its traditional Datacenters with next generation Datacenters.

Download the PDF press release below. 

Arnaud Clément accepted the Grand Prix Hors Secteurs for “CSR Policy”