Sustainable Transformation Summit : Adista maintains its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint
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Sustainable Transformation Summit : Adista maintains its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint

Communiqué du 02/03/2022

Arnaud Clément, Head of CSR at Adista, will speak during the conference

“Climat et Entreprise : décarboner l’organisation et son écosystème” (9.50 – 10.40am)


Since its launch in 2007, Adista has positioned itself as a key player in France for telecom and cloud services for companies and public authorities. Among its objectives, the question of the energy impact of Datacenters holds prominent place. The company even has the ambition to become the reference market operator in matters of Corporate and Social Responsibility. 

Within this context, Adista will take part in the first ever Sustainable Transformation Summit in Paris on 10 March. This event is organised by the Leaders League Group and its magazine Décideurs, bringing together nearly 100 participants – half of them CEOs – around 5 thematic itineraries and 24 conferences on sustainable development topics.


The Sustainable Transformation Summit, a brand new event on environmental issues

As the question of energy and, more broadly, the environment, is at the heart of the debates surrounding the presidential election, the Leaders League Group decided to bring together political decision-makers and company leaders to discuss the solutions of tomorrow.

Nearly 500 people are expected at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in the 16th arrondissement of Paris to follow 5 lines of enquiry on how to reconcile economic growth with respect for the environment:

Itinerary 1: Environmental Transformation (conferences: Climate & Corporations; Innovation & Environment ; Biodiversity & Nature…)

Itinerary 2: Energy Transformation (Renewable Energies; Zero Carbon Economy ; Green Buildings…)

Itinerary 3: Transformation and Leadership, Governance and Raison d’être (Mission & Raison d’être ; The era of responsible leadership; Culture, Inclusiveness & Diversity…)

– Itinerary 4: Transformation and Sustainable Finance – Clash for Climate (Positive Finance & Green Finance; Asset Management & Investors; Capital Investment on a quest for impact…)

Itinerary 5: Tech for Good (Fintech for good; Startup Lab ; From Tech to “Business for good”…)

These conferences will be punctuated by networking breaks and above all by the awarding of Trophies in 16 categories (best ecological transition; best renewable energies player; best carbon neutrality strategy…)


Adista: the alternative operator that wants to move to “net zero emissions” in its Datacenters

Announcing consolidated revenue of 222 million euros in 2021 despite the health crisis, Adista is the number 1 competitor with historic operators and has the ambition to achieve 500 million euros in 2025. This strong growth is not however decorrelated from increasing awareness of the energy stakes in its market.

Energy consumption of Datacenters is expected to increase by 21% in 2025 in comparison to 2018[1] to respond to the mass processing of digital data. In response to these problems, in November Adista contacted Datafarm Energy, a start-up working in renewable energy. Together they are going to open the very first Datacenter powered by biogas that comes from processing agriculture biowaste using anaerobic digestion. Physically relying on an agricultural anaerobic digestion unit, in other words by installing the Datacenter directly on the farm, offers a number of energy savings and can reduce GES emissions by up to 90% in relation to a European provider.

On the strength of this expertise, the CSR Director of Adista Arnaud Clément will speak at the conference “Climat et Entreprise : décarboner l’organisation et son écosystème” (“Climate and Corporation: decarbonizing the organisation and its ecosystem”) (9.50 – 10.40am) in the company of, among others, the Chairman and CEO of the ADEME, Arnaud Leroy. He will also be a member of the jury for the Trophy that aims to reward the best carbon neutrality strategy. Fabien Marteau, Head of Group Product, will also be a member of the jury for the Responsible Leadership Trophy.


Faced with the climate emergency, the priority remains to awaken consciences and stimulate the organisation with awareness-raising and training actions to engage our employees. To turn our ambitions into reality, we are working on the eco-design of new services and we are investing in an ECH0 Datacenter that is unique worldwide, powered by local and renewable energy. Conscious of the digital sector’s growing share of GES emissions, we are working to discover and reduce our carbon footprint, along with that of our clients.

Arnaud Clément, Head of CSR at Adista


About Adista

A Hosted Services operator, Adista is positioned as the number one alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France and the specialist in IT and voice services. Adista’s strength lies in its capacity to combine expertise as a host, a telecommunications operator, a business IT specialist and software developer. End to end control over the quality of services, a hybrid vision of information systems and the capacity to deliver IT services and THD technologies all over France are the keys to the company’s success. With the acquisition of Fingerprint in 2020 and Waycom in 2021, Adista has this year joined forces with unyc, a major player in indirect sales of telecom services. The company announced sales revenue of 222 million euros in 2021 and counts 900 employees working in forty agencies. Its ambition is to generate sales revenue of 500 million euros in 2026 and become the number 3 B2B telecoms operator in France in ten years.


About Leaders League

Leaders League is a media and rating agency group that relies on three main areas of business: auditing and rating experts, producing editorial content (Décideurs Magazine and directories-guides) and organising national and international B2B summits, including the Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance. Leaders League offers rankings based on a close field analysis, measured against qualitative criteria – speciality by speciality. Leaders League rankings are a genuine qualitative collection of the best consultants in a field of business and/or specific speciality, the nature of which is specified in the headings of the rankings


[1] According the the European Commission report Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market published in autumn 2020