Le Groupe Adista, avec l’appui de Keensight Capital, annonce l’acquisition de la société Cyberprotect. Adista se renforce avec une filiale dédiée à la cybersécurité, spécialisée sur le segment des PME et des ETI. Opérateur universel en Cybersécurité, expert du contrôle et de la prévention en continu, Cyberprotect apporte au Groupe Adista et à ses clients son centre d’opérations en cybersécurité – le SOC CyberproVerse – et ses services.

Alors que les entreprises accélèrent leur migration vers le cloud, Adista propose une valeur ajoutée rare grâce à la convergence des offres cloud et hébergement, d’opérateur télécoms et de fournisseur de services d’infogérance. Avec le SOC (centre d’opérations en cybersécurité) CyberproVerse et ses services managés de sécurité, les clients d’Adista disposeront d’une suite complète de solutions dédiées à la cybersécurité.

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Adista announces the renewal of its ISO 27001 certification for three additional years, guaranteeing the protection and the performance of information systems. The Hosted Services Operator also confirms the extension of its HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification (levels 1 to 6).

These certifications bear witness to the business developments within the managed services and hosting markets, in particular the health market, that is investing heavily in these reference frameworks. They assure business owners that requirements in terms of compliance and continuity are observed.

Certifications as a sign of quality for the offers

Adista confirms the renewal for three years of its ISO 27001 certification obtained in 2019. The external audit that took place in May 2022 validated Adista’s expertise in the field of information security.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that Adista has implemented an efficient Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is built on the basis of this international reference standard. The ISMS relies on a methodology defined by the ISO 27001 standard to identify cyber security threats and control the risks associated with information that is crucial to an organisation. The resulting protective measures guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.  Within Adista, the ISO 27001 standard concerns sovereign cloud offers and extends to the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

External audits are the opportunity to check that the ongoing improvement approach in place is producing its effects on the maturity of our Information Security Management System (ISMS) and at the level of operational security of our architectures. We are watchful that this dynamic is part of a long term approach by contributing to client satisfaction, to greater operational Business efficiency and to an evaluation of our compliance. Everyday actions is close collaboration with our Business lines and our security experts are key to this.
Florent Ravey, Adista Quality Manager

…and extensions to strengthen security and performance

Adista is also extending the scope of its ISO27001/HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification to three Datacenters in the greater Paris area: “Telehouse 2” in Paris (11th arrondissement), “Telehouse 3” in Magny les Hameaux (78) and “Interxion PAR5” in Saint-Denis (93). This approach complements the certification that is already in place at the historic Datacenters in the Nancy region and also covers the scope of the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Adista has been an approved “Health Data Host” since 2017 to respond to the specific security needs of players in the field of health. HDS certification is awarded for a period of three years, based on a specific frame of reference from the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS or Digital Health Agency). It covers two areas: the physical infrastructure computer management  certificate (levels 1 and 2) that allows marketing of  physical hosting and physical infrastructure offers, known as housing; the host computer manager certificate (levels 3, 4, 5 and 6) that allows marketing of virtual infrastructure (IaaS), software platform (PaaS), operating management and external backup availability offers.

Data sovereignty is a sign of confidence in digital health. From early on, Adista has been committed to an e-health approach and closely follows technological developments and the programmes of the Ségur du Numérique en Santé, the digital development plan for health of the Ministry for Solidarity and Health and the Digital Health Agency (ANS). With the extension of its ISO 27001 and HDS certifications, Adista is bolstering its local sovereign cloud approach and strengthening its capacity to respond to a growing demand among our clients.
René Fuhrmann, Sales Manager of the Health Offer

The health sector is experiencing a complex digital transition, framed by regulatory obligations and necessary budget management. Adista is responding to these challenges and is positioned as a trusted accelerator for digital health with Oppidom, a multiservice offer intended for those working in the health sector. The range offers a technological base that is functionally very well-appointed and managed by Adista, for the benefit of a heightened response in terms of security and reliability. It is compliant with the requirements relating to Health Data Hosting, the secure electronic messaging MSSanté and the completion of the Digital Health Space or Espace Numérique de Santé (ENS) also known as Mon Espace Santé. Adista counts more than one thousand structures in the health ecosystem in France among its clients.

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Des certifications comme gages de qualité pour les offres

Adista annonce le renouvellement pour trois années supplémentaires de sa certification ISO 27001, qui garantit la protection et la performance des systèmes d’information. L’Opérateur de Services Hébergés confirme également la prolongation de sa certification HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) pour les niveaux 1 à 6.

Ces certifications témoignent du développement d’activité sur les marchés de l’hébergement et des services managés, notamment sur le marché de la santé qui investit fortement dans ces référentiels. Ces derniers assurent les dirigeants du respect des exigences de conformité et de continuité.

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Adista is part of 11 labeled French companies from the 2022’s edition of the program Best Managed Companies initiated by Deloitte France.

Launched in France in 2021, the Best Managed Companies programme is an initiative that was inaugurated 30 years ago by Deloitte Canada and is now present in more than 45 countries. This label recognises the excellence of companies that are outstanding for the quality of their management and for their performance, at the end of a rigorous and independent selection process. The companies are assessed on the basis of 4 pillars: strategy, capacity for execution and innovation, culture and commitment towards employees, as well as the governance and financial management structure.

Adista stands out due to its strong culture of excellence, I am delighted to count it among the companies that have received the Best Managed Companies label.

Eric Forest, Deloitte Associate in charge of the Best Managed Companies program

Through its business, Adista provides companies and public authorities with the components for a next generation IT system that is essential to their performance and to reach their objectives.

Obtaining the Best Managed Companies label is a source of pride, not just personally, but collectively. This label rewards the excellence that is demonstrated by all the company teams on a daily basis for our clients. In a context of technological mutation, it is our responsibility to guide our clients, all over France, in order to operate and secure their information systems. Our mission consists of simplifying access to cloud and telecoms technology to liberate the working potential of their staff. This recognition strengthens our position as a trusted operator.

Patrice Bélie, CEO of Adista

With this label that is valid for one year, Adista becomes part of a unique network of more than 1200 companies that hold the Best Managed Companies label at national and international level.

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Pierre-Olivier Gisserot, Administrative and Financial Director, Pierre Pfister, Adista’s General Director,
and Philippe Paci, Adista’s Marketing and Communications Director.

CSR issues are at the heart of Adista’s strategic priorities

In 2020, Adista, the number one alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France, decided to accelerate the integration of sustainable development issues and make CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) one of its priority strategic lines for the coming years. The clearly stated ambition is to become the reference alternative operator in CSR matters by 2025!

This commitment has been rewarded today with the Grand Prix Hors Secteur for “CSR Policy” at the 9th Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance, which took place on Wednesday 22 June 2022. Organised by the Leaders League Group and its Magazine Décideurs, it brings together 400 recognised company leaders and entrepreneurs in eleven business sectors around digital conferences on various development trategies.

The Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance is the annual event for companies that are references in their sectors

The Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance is the result of the union between the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance and the G20 Strategy and Management Summit, gathering together approximately one hundred recognised company leaders and entrepreneurs every year since 2013 from various sectors (agri-food and organic, e-commerce, transport and logistics, IT, health, etc.).

This year, 400 leaders and entrepreneurs discussed the drivers for growth at conferences led by 40 speakers. During the meal at Pavillon d’Armenonville (Paris XVI), the prize-giving ceremony for the eleven business sectors and three Grands Prix hors secteurs took place, rewarding Adista with the Grand Prix Hors Secteur “CSR Policy” for its strong commitment in this area. This distinction echoes the one received in the 2021 edition of the event, when Adista was named “best company” in the Digital Services sector, IT & Software Services.

We are a hosted services operator, we provide internet, telephone and wifi access and we have Datacenters. We have responsibility when it comes to the climate crisis, all the more so because we are a growth enterprise. We are trying to do our bit, at our level, by implementing initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and take care of the planet.
Arnaud Clément, CSR Director of Adista Group


CSR issues are at the heart of Adista’s strategic priorities

CSR issues are primordial for Adista. Out of the five priority strategic lines of the group for 2025, three directly involve the main CSR pillars of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and environmental commitment.

In concrete terms, several actions can be noted, such as employee awareness of environmental issues (through the Climate Fresco); co-building the CSR strategy with employees (60 employees engaged in 6 participative projects); the mobility plan (promoting soft mobility); the launch of a carbon report (scope 3 report to better understand group emissions) or the new eco-designed package offering (like Adista Cloud Recovery, the carbon-free Business Continuity Plan offer by Adista).

Its 11 French Datacenters are under a green energy contract and since 2008 an entire building at its site in Nancy is heated by the heat produced by one of them. Adista is also implementing a low carbon Datacenter powered exclusively by renewable energy that comes from methanisation, that will be certified Tier 4 (a first in Europe). The goal of this initiative is to encourage clients and partners towards a virtuous approach to using or producing digital services.

In addition to this, Adista is involved in questions relating to inclusion, having made professional equality a priority part of its HR policy for several years. Through Waycom, Adista has signed the Charte de la Diversité and implements actions intended to promote equal opportunities, for example by participating in recruitment forums for people with disabilities with the association Hello Handicap since 2017. Overall, Adista wants to become the operator employer of choice.

 For the next three years in particular, Adista wants to complete its Scope 3 Carbon Report, significantly increasing its share of reuse for its Datacenters and its clients; tending towards a fleet of vehicles that operates 100% electrically and promoting digital sobriety even more by progressively replacing its traditional Datacenters with next generation Datacenters.

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Arnaud Clément accepted the Grand Prix Hors Secteurs for “CSR Policy”

Adista fait partie des 11 sociétés françaises lauréates de l’édition 2022 du programme Best Managed Companies initié par Deloitte France.

Lancé en France en 2021, le programme Best Managed Companies est une initiative inaugurée il y a 30 ans par Deloitte Canada et aujourd’hui présente dans plus de 45 pays. Ce label récompense l’excellence d’entreprises qui se distinguent par la qualité de leur gestion et par leurs performances, à l’issue d’un processus de sélection rigoureux et indépendant. Les entreprises sont évaluées sur la base de 4 piliers : la stratégie, la capacité d’exécution et d’innovation, la culture et l’engagement envers les collaborateurs ainsi que la structure de gouvernance et la gestion financière.

« L’obtention du label Best Managed Companies est une fierté, non pas personnelle, mais collective. Ce label récompense l’excellence dont toutes les équipes de l’entreprise font preuve au quotidien pour nos clients. »

Patrice Bélie, Président du Groupe Adista

Je télécharge le communiqué de presse dans son intégralité ci-dessous. 

Pierre-Olivier Gisserot, Directeur Administratif et Financier du Groupe, Pierre Pfister, Directeur Général d’Adista,
et Philippe Paci, Directeur Marketing et Communication du Groupe

Les enjeux RSE au coeur des axes stratégiques prioritaires d’Adista

Premier opérateur alternatif B2B cloud et télécoms en France, Adista a décidé dès 2020 d’accélérer l’intégration des enjeux du développement durable et de situer la RSE (Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises) comme axe stratégique prioritaire pour les prochaines années. Avec l’ambition clairement annoncée de devenir d’ici à 2025 l’opérateur alternatif référent en matière de RSE.
Cette implication est récompensée aujourd’hui par l’obtention du nouveau Grand Prix Hors Secteur de la « Politique RSE », lors de la 9ème édition du Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance, qui s’est déroulée le mercredi 22 juin 2022. Organisée par le Groupe Leaders League et son Magazine Décideurs, cet évènement a rassemblé 400 dirigeants et entrepreneurs reconnus de onze secteurs d’activités autour de conférences dédiées aux différentes stratégies de développement.

« Nous sommes un opérateur de services hébergés, nous fournissons des accès Internet, de la téléphonie, du wifi, nous avons des Datacenters. Nous avons une responsabilité par rapport à l’urgence climatique, d’autant plus grande que nous sommes une entreprise de croissance. Nous essayons de faire notre part, à notre échelle, en mettant en œuvre des initiatives pour soigner notre empreinte carbone et prendre soin de la planète. »

Arnaud Clément, Directeur RSE du Groupe Adista

Je télécharge le communiqué de presse dans son intégralité ci-dessous. 

Arnaud Clément, Directeur RSE du Groupe Adista, reçoit le trophée du Prix Hors Secteur de la “Politique RSE”
lors de la Cérémonie du Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance mercredi 22 juin à Paris.

Une récompense attribuée par le vote de la communauté professionnelle de l’IT

Décernée par les décideurs informatiques des entreprises, cette récompense honore particulièrement Adista, qui a défini la satisfaction clients comme priorité stratégique. Organisé par L’Informaticien, magazine leader auprès des professionnels de l’IT, le 1er TopTech-ESN a vocation à évaluer et récompenser les meilleures entreprises de services du numérique (ESN). Ce classement s’appuie sur une vaste consultation de la communauté professionnelle, réalisée par L’Informaticien pendant 6 semaines au printemps 2022, auprès de 20 000 professionnels de l’IT. Adista est le lauréat du 1er TopTech ESN pour la catégorie Intégration-Réseau.

« Les plus grandes satisfactions viennent toujours de nos clients ! C’est une très belle récompense que la communauté des DSI et RSSI nous adresse, en nous désignant comme lauréat de ce 1er TopTech-ESN dans la catégorie Intégration-Réseaux. Je souhaite partager ce trophée avec chaque collaborateur d’Adista. Ils sont totalement impliqués au quotidien dans notre objectif stratégique de satisfaction client, ce trophée leur appartient ! »

Patrice Bélie, Président du Groupe Adista

Je télécharge le communiqué de presse dans son intégralité ci-dessous. 


Patrice Bélie reçoit le Prix TopTech ESN délivré par l’Informaticien pour la catégorie Intégration-Réseaux.

Penser et façonner la « Bifurcation » numérique :
Adista et Axione partenaires de la Biennale Internationale du Design

Adista et LOTIM Télécom, filiale d’Axione sont partenaires de la 12ème édition de la Biennale Internationale du Design de Saint-Etienne sur le thème des “Bifurcations”. 

L’évènement qui a pour but de démocratiser l’idée du design est ouvert au grand public jusqu’au 31 juillet 2022 à Saint-Etienne.

Cette année encore, les équipes d’Adista et de LOTIM Télécom (filiale d’Axione) ont assuré le déploiement de la fibre optique pour couvrir l’évènement en Très Haut Débit et assurer une connexion optimale et sécurisée. Cette collaboration illustre l’ancrage territorial fort et la proximité des deux partenaires avec les acteurs locaux.

Je télécharge le communiqué de presse ci-dessous. 

The current uncertain geopolitical situation could also have dangerous digital implications for companies. In fact, the ANSSI (National Agency for Information System Security) has identified the use of cyberattacks as part of this conflict and calls on French entities to be especially vigilant due to the risk of increasing threats. The challenge in these unprecedented times is to plan ahead and implement protection without giving in to panic.

Adista is a Hosted Services operator that specialises in IT and Telecom services for companies and communities and helps organisations construct a cybersecurity policy that provides maximum protection for their data, information systems, and activities.


The government website cybermalveillance.gouv.fr specifies that as yet no “direct cyberattack with a potentially significant impact on the French population has been identified” within its scope. It does specify, however, that this situation is likely to change over time and that even if the risk is low at the moment, it has the potential to disrupt French digital services.

Above and beyond the ongoing exceptional circumstances, the number of cyberattacks have sharply increased in recent years. As a consequence, the ANSSI has identified a 65% increase in cybercrime throughout the country compared to 2020, which generated more than 173,000 requests for online assistance on the cybermalveillance.govt.fr website. Its latest annual activity report also reveals that the threats encountered by the French population particularly concern three types of malicious cyber activity: phishing, ransomware, and account hacking (email, banking, etc.)

Increased vigilance is therefore required, as the consequences of cyberattacks on organisations are often significant: information systems that are partially or even completely paralysed, sensitive data stolen or lost, blackmail related to releasing data, etc…

In the majority of cases it is small and medium-sized businesses who are the victims of these malicious cyber activities, notably because they lack the dedicated resources to effectively secure their digital environment. But the largest groups are equally concerned. In any case, IS Directors are faced with multiple challenges.


Key actions and forward planning for maintaining activity in the event of an emergency

Nearly one in two companies state that they have concerns about their ability to effectively deal with cyber risks. For these companies, it is essential that the level of cybersecurity guarantees that a trusted digital environment remains available for their relationship with partners, customers, but also with their employees.

Organisations are often hyper-dependent on their information systems, and inevitably have weaknesses that must be known and understand so that their cyber-resilience can be improved when confronted by a crisis. The capacity of a system or network to maintain operation, despite an incident, is essential for limiting the downtime of services.

Adista has established five main recommendations so that companies can ensure continuous operation in the event of an emergency and are able limit the impact of a major incident to the greatest extent possible:

  1. Reducing vulnerability to hackers by implementing effective systems for controlling and filtering access, but also by regularly applying and enforcing security updates.
  2. Prioritising dynamic protection by using advanced technologies such as EDR or IDS/IS to significantly reduce risks.
  3. Engaging employees by developing a cyber-culture within the organisation and by promoting good behaviours for combating threats and reactions when an event is detected.
  4. Preparing for the worst by backing up and verifying recovery capabilities, identifying reliable partners in the case of an incident, and transferring residual risks to an insurer when this is possible.

In order to outperform the cybersecurity and achieve cyber-resilience, there must be a focus on the behaviours of all internal participants and not just the security teams. A more global approach placing individuals at the heart of cybersecurity.

With this in mind, Adista has launched an unprecedented and innovative employee awareness campaign that comprises a photo-story, web and printed posters. The photo-story is an initiative that is unparalleled in the sector, and presents three everyday incidents of cyberattack and the best ways of responding to them. The quirky posters remind us of the importance of day-to-day vigilance when the danger exists of attacks that are increasingly sophisticated.


Adista: more than 30 years of expertise helping organisations become cyber-resilient

In its role as a Telecom operator and provider of information management services such as computer hosting, Adista has a long history of integrating the essential component of cybersecurity into the construction of resilient information systems.

Adista’s Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience offer is supported by a dedicated centre of expertise with adequate training to ensure the security of the IS of several hundred customers, local authorities, SMEs, intermediate-sized or large companies. Irrespective of the size or activity segment of the organisations that it works with, Adista operates and advises across a very broad spectrum. Its IT security experts define the security strategies, the business continuity and recovery plans. This strategy is personalised based on the context and the requirement defined by the organisations’ leaders. Even more that simply protecting networks, infrastructures, and terminals, Adista has chosen a position that includes organisational aspects and the human factor.

We assist organisations to develop a genuine cybersecurity culture, by training employees to adopt the best practices when confronted by IT risks. An efficient way to anticipate threats more effectively and reduce risks.

David Boucher, Manager of the Adista Cybersecurity Expertise Centre

Adista is currently involved in the security of several hundred organisations, in particular by protecting more than 17,000 workstations and several tens of thousands of inboxes.



About Adista

A Hosted Services operator, Adista is positioned as the number one alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France and the specialist in IT and voice services. Adista’s strength lies in its capacity to combine expertise as a host, a telecommunications operator and a specialist in business IT and the security of information systems. End to end control over the quality of services, a hybrid vision of the Cloud and the capacity to deliver IT services and THD technologies all over France have made the company’s success. With the acquisition of Fingerprint in 2020 and Waycom in 2021, Adista has this year joined forces with unyc, a major player in indirect sales of telecom services. The company achieved sales revenue of 222 million euros in 2021 and counts 900 employees working in forty agencies. Its ambition is to generate sales revenue of 500 million euros in 2026 and become the number 3 B2B telecoms operator in France in ten years.