Adista renews and extends its ISO 27001 and HDS certifications
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Adista renews and extends its ISO 27001 and HDS certifications

Communiqué du 12/07/2022

Adista announces the renewal of its ISO 27001 certification for three additional years, guaranteeing the protection and the performance of information systems. The Hosted Services Operator also confirms the extension of its HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification (levels 1 to 6).

These certifications bear witness to the business developments within the managed services and hosting markets, in particular the health market, that is investing heavily in these reference frameworks. They assure business owners that requirements in terms of compliance and continuity are observed.

Certifications as a sign of quality for the offers

Adista confirms the renewal for three years of its ISO 27001 certification obtained in 2019. The external audit that took place in May 2022 validated Adista’s expertise in the field of information security.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that Adista has implemented an efficient Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is built on the basis of this international reference standard. The ISMS relies on a methodology defined by the ISO 27001 standard to identify cyber security threats and control the risks associated with information that is crucial to an organisation. The resulting protective measures guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.  Within Adista, the ISO 27001 standard concerns sovereign cloud offers and extends to the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

External audits are the opportunity to check that the ongoing improvement approach in place is producing its effects on the maturity of our Information Security Management System (ISMS) and at the level of operational security of our architectures. We are watchful that this dynamic is part of a long term approach by contributing to client satisfaction, to greater operational Business efficiency and to an evaluation of our compliance. Everyday actions is close collaboration with our Business lines and our security experts are key to this.
Florent Ravey, Adista Quality Manager

…and extensions to strengthen security and performance

Adista is also extending the scope of its ISO27001/HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification to three Datacenters in the greater Paris area: “Telehouse 2” in Paris (11th arrondissement), “Telehouse 3” in Magny les Hameaux (78) and “Interxion PAR5” in Saint-Denis (93). This approach complements the certification that is already in place at the historic Datacenters in the Nancy region and also covers the scope of the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Adista has been an approved “Health Data Host” since 2017 to respond to the specific security needs of players in the field of health. HDS certification is awarded for a period of three years, based on a specific frame of reference from the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS or Digital Health Agency). It covers two areas: the physical infrastructure computer management  certificate (levels 1 and 2) that allows marketing of  physical hosting and physical infrastructure offers, known as housing; the host computer manager certificate (levels 3, 4, 5 and 6) that allows marketing of virtual infrastructure (IaaS), software platform (PaaS), operating management and external backup availability offers.

Data sovereignty is a sign of confidence in digital health. From early on, Adista has been committed to an e-health approach and closely follows technological developments and the programmes of the Ségur du Numérique en Santé, the digital development plan for health of the Ministry for Solidarity and Health and the Digital Health Agency (ANS). With the extension of its ISO 27001 and HDS certifications, Adista is bolstering its local sovereign cloud approach and strengthening its capacity to respond to a growing demand among our clients.
René Fuhrmann, Sales Manager of the Health Offer

The health sector is experiencing a complex digital transition, framed by regulatory obligations and necessary budget management. Adista is responding to these challenges and is positioned as a trusted accelerator for digital health with Oppidom, a multiservice offer intended for those working in the health sector. The range offers a technological base that is functionally very well-appointed and managed by Adista, for the benefit of a heightened response in terms of security and reliability. It is compliant with the requirements relating to Health Data Hosting, the secure electronic messaging MSSanté and the completion of the Digital Health Space or Espace Numérique de Santé (ENS) also known as Mon Espace Santé. Adista counts more than one thousand structures in the health ecosystem in France among its clients.

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