Adista, member of Eurocloud France: proposals for a cloud serving sovereignty and ecological transition
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Adista, member of Eurocloud France: proposals for a cloud serving sovereignty and ecological transition

Communiqué du 03/03/2022

Within the framework of the 2022 presidential campaign, Eurocloud France, the French branch of the premier network of Cloud players in Europe, is proposing 5 approaches and 12 measures to all the candidates to accelerate Cloud development in response to issues of sovereignty and ecological transition. As a member of Eurocloud, Adista wants to be an ambassador for these proposals that fully integrate its vision as a major player in France for Cloud, information management and IT technologies, benefiting the competitiveness of companies and their digital transformation.

With nearly 900 employees and more than 220 million euros in sales revenue, our development illustrates the dynamic nature of a sector that is essential to the economy of our country. Made in France, innovative and creating jobs, this sector contributes to the performance of our companies and allows them to respond to the demands of security, data sovereignty and sustainable development. The Cloud is a key component for our country, a component that must be guaranteed and strengthened.” Patrice Bélie, CEO of Adista Group and member of the Board of Eurocloud France


Public procurement orientation, definition of a European framework for the Cloud, the importance of environmental criteria in procurement policies, the guarantee of fair competition on the Cloud market and a training strategy appropriate to the jobs of tomorrow: the five proposals sent by Eurocloud to the candidates in the 2022 Presidential election are a comprehensive response to these imperatives.

You can find the five proposals and twelve measures  on the Eurocloud France website.



About Adista

A Hosted Services operator, Adista is positioned as the number one alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator in France and the specialist in IT and voice services. Adista’s strength lies in its capacity to combine expertise as a host, a telecommunications operator and a specialist in business IT and the security of information systems. End to end control over the quality of services, a hybrid vision of the Cloud and the capacity to deliver IT services and THD technologies all over France have made the company’s success. With the acquisition of Fingerprint in 2020 and Waycom in 2021, Adista has this year joined forces with unyc, a major player in indirect sales of telecom services. The company achieved sales revenue of 222 million euros in 2021 and counts 900 employees working in forty agencies. Its ambition is to generate sales revenue of 500 million euros in 2026 and become the number 3 B2B telecoms operator in France in ten years.